Menjaga kebersihan lingkungan tanpa pandang usia.

Mari kita dukung prilaku bersih dan sehat di lingkungan tempat tinggal.

Jangan membuang sampah pada saluran air.

Sampah adalah sarang kuman, oleh karena itu wajib dibersihkan.

Kebersihan bagian dari Iman.

Cintailah kebersihan lingkungan seperti anda mencintai Ibu Anda.

  • Occupy Wall Street Slogans
    Do you feel it trickle down? We are the 99% Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave One person, one vote… NOT… One dollar, one vote! Lost my job Found an Occupation None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. -Goethe People over profits Wall Street has the real weapons of mass destruction If only the war on Poverty was a Real War Stop the War on Workers Did you lose your home or Wall Street stole it from you? The People are too big to Fail Not anti capital, just anti-Theft Trickle Threat Wall Street is our Street Yes we Camp I drove 1768 miles to occupy Wall
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  • Slogan Design
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  • Cancer Slogans
    Cancer doesn’t sleep and neither do we. We dare to care. Cancer is not a game! Hope is the cure! Kick cancer out of the park. Our goal – score against cancer. I walk all night so my daughter may walk in a world without cancer. Our goal is a cure for cancer. Walk for your mothers, walk for your brothers, walk to cure the pain of others. Walk all over Cancer. Every step is one closer to a cure. Race to stop cancer. When you wish upon a star, the answer for cancer is not too
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  • Slogans List
    Nike- Just Do It. Reebok- Because life is not a spectator sport. Bold detergent -Part of the fabric of life. Tylenol -Push through the pain. Harley Davidson -The legend rolls on. Yamaha- The way it should be. Saab- Beyond the conventional. Volvo- Safety. Volkswagen -Think small. Nissan -Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride. L’Oreal -Because I’m worth it. Maybelline -Maybe she’s born with it… Revlon - Feel like a woman. Virgin Records Megastores -Dangerously entertaining. Fisher Price toys- Oh, the possibilities. Nintendo Game Boy -It’s something to do with your brain. Sony Playstation -Live in your world, play in ours. Toys ‘R’ Us- I don’t want to grow up… DHL -We keep your promise. Fed Ex- Be absolutely sure. US Postal Service -Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Merrill Lynch -Be bullish. Smith Barney -We make money the old fashioned way…we earn it. Citibank -Turning dreams into reality. American Express -Membership has its privileges.Don’t leave home without it. Mastercard -There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. Allstate- You’re in good hands. State Farm Insurance- Like a good neighbor… Epson printers - See
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  • Bakery Slogans
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